Storage Heaters

Storage Heaters

Top quality Dynamic, Static and Smart storage heaters

Our storage heaters are the ideal solution for providing a warm and comfortable temperature around the clock. The storage heaters charge energy internally for a set period of time, which usually coincides with the time in which electricity is cheaper (off-peak tariff), before releasing it into the room continuously throughout the day.
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Static Storage Heaters

Our Static storage heaters release heat by natural convection in two different ways: there is a primary convection controlled by a top flap that releases hot air after the storage heater is charged; there is also a natural secondary convection that releases hot air 24 hours a day. This natural secondary convection is generated by the design of the machine allowing a constant release of heat without leading to additional energy costs. The storage heater only consumes energy during off-peak hours at night. The technical features are as follows:
  • Designed to use Off-Peak electricity.
  • Grille painted in a heat resistant colour. •
  • Thermostat overheat safety cutout.
  • Safety cutout with manual reset.
  • Ultra slim, only 15 cm deep.
  • Manual or Automatic damper control device.

Dynamic (Fan-Assisted) Storage Heaters

Our Dynamic storage heaters release the hot air using controlled convection with a silent fan that makes the air circulate inside the bricks, heating it and then releasing it into the room. This controlled convection allows the user to manage the temperature of the room and the heat release time. The technical features are as follows:
  • Designed to use Off-Peak electricity.
  • Efficient solution to obtain exactly the correct amount of heat as and when required throughout the day.
  • Low speed silent fan to provide rapid heat transfer.
  • Hot air/fresh air mixer with thermostat for a homogenous air output.
  • Precise control over the released heat.
  • User adjustable charging thermostat with sensor tube.
  • Thermal safety cut out.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
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Combined Storage Heaters

The Combined storage heaters can work in the same way as the static storage heaters but can also incorporate a resistance inside to produce extra air convection when the user requires it. They can work as a static storage heater only, as a convector heater only or as both options at the same time. The technical features are as follows:
  • Automatic storage heater with integral convector heater.
  • Independent thermostatic convector control.
  • Designed to use Off-Peak and On-Peak electricity.
  • Grille painted in a heat resistant colour.
  • Automatic damper control.
  • Thermostat overheat safety cutout.
  • Safety cutout with manual reset.
  • Automatic charge control thermostat with DUAL SENSOR.

Smart (ECOMBI) Storage Heaters

Our Smart (ECOMBI) storage heaters use leading technology giving modern efficient storage heating that accurately controls electricity consumption and optimises heat management with high-sensitivity thermostatic controls, adapting daily to your heating needs whatever the weather conditions. They constantly monitor room temperature using a high-sensitivity thermostat to ensure that the room is always at the desired temperature. ECOMBI optimises control of the energy running costs while providing maximum comfort, only charging the real required energy to heat up the room. No more and no less. This smart assessment and management will happen every single day and every single night, providing efficiency and effectiveness at minimum cost. Room heat requirements can be programmed meaning different periods of comfort temperature and eco temperature can be set up in a daily and weekly basis guaranteeing you a comfort time only when you need it. The technical features are as follows:
  • Silent Performance.
  • Intelligent Storage Heater with convector element
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Compatible with two-period off peak electric tariff in a single 24-hour interval.
  • Automatic ECOMBI, Storage, Combined storage, Convection and Frost protection operation modes available.
  • 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Requires Off Peak Economy Electric Supply and 24hour Electric Supply
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